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Directly from a freelancer who has been using WordPress for over 13 Years

Get professional UK based support for your WordPress website from a freelancer who has been using WordPress for over 13 Years either as a one-off support incident or flexible recurring maintenance to keep your site up and running.

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Need some help with your WordPress site?

Call me on 01902 213950 , or email me at or fill out the form below.

I like to work directly with my clients so I’m currently unavailable to work with agencies.

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What kind of WordPress support do I offer?

I offer WordPress Support for when it seems like just about everything is going wrong with your WordPress site. This support service can help you with these problems and more:

  • Your website is down or displaying an “Error establishing a database connection” message.
  • Your theme is either messed up or has returned to its default theme.
  • You’re getting some sort of error on every page.
  • None of your images show up.
  • Your WordPress site has been hacked.
  • Hackers have filled your site with embarrassing images, or compromised your user confidentiality.
  • Your WordPress admin area has scrambled.
  • You’re locked out of your admin panel, and your website is displaying only a white page (white screen of death).
  • You’re getting complaints from visitors regarding a red warning about hackers when they visit your site, or Google has emailed you about something to the same effect.
  • A WordPress update broke your site.
  • Strange characters suddenly show up all over your site.
  • You need changes made to your site urgently.

I know WordPress inside and out. I've built custom themes, plugins and supported hundreds of sites of all shapes and sizes.

WordPress updates don’t always run trouble free, and failing to upgrade places your WordPress site at risk. Why worry! I can run and test your WordPress updates for you and if you looking for a more long-term arrangement why not sign up to one of my WordPress maintenance packages.

When technology works it is an amazing, powerful tool. But when things go wrong, the consequences can be dire. I am a skilled, highly experienced wordpress developer and trouble-shooter. I know what can go wrong, and more importantly I know how to fix it when it does. And I understand that time is of the essence in any emergency. We’ve all heard how high-tech sites like TalkTalk have been hacked. These threats are a possibility for any site, big or small, and they need emergency treatment. Chances are that things will go wrong in the early hours of the morning, on the weekend, when your developer has gone fishing and can’t be reached – because that’s when these things seem to happen contact me and I can sort it

Emergency WordPress Support

  • One-Off Support Incident
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if it can’t be fixed
  • I will take immediate measures to protect the reputation of your site
  • I will update you every step of the way
  • Based locally in my office in Bilston (Wolverhampton), UK
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