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Hi I'm Tim a Freelance
WordPress Developer

I work with great individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses developing secure easy to use WordPress sites. I aim to have a great relationship with all my clients where I can add value to their business by being dependable, honest and by doing the type of work that makes a difference.

I’m based locally in Bilston and spend a lot of my time working in and around Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Dudley & Walsall. I also work remotely in London, Manchester, Blackburn (My Home Town) & the rest of the UK.

Interested in working together?

Call me on 01902 213950 , or email me at or fill out the form below.

I like to work directly with my clients so I’m currently unavailable to work with agencies.

WordPress Developer

Developing professional WordPress sites for great individuals, small-to-medium sized businesses and start-ups

I know WordPress like the back of my hand having found it when I was 15 (13 yeas ago), I provide excellent support, a close developer-client relationship and more understanding service. I believe that website owners should have control of their own content with WordPress thats a breeze. From custom plugins to fully fledged and custom developed sites, to ongoing WordPress maintenance, small one off WordPress tweaks or WordPress support I have you covered For all your WordPress related services , get in contact
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About Me

Timothy Oxendales website Design

Timothy Oxendale

Freelance Web Designer & Developer

I’m a freelance web designer & developer with a background in marketing. I work mainly from my office in Bilston (Wolverhampton) and in and around Birmingham, UK.

Just so you know a little bit about me, my name is Timothy Oxendale, I am 28 years old and I was born and raised in Blackburn (Lancashire). I moved from Blackburn down to Birmingham over 9 years ago and I am now living around the corner in Bilston (near Wolverhampton) with my wife, dogs (Hugh & Rosie) and my 2 cats. I spend a lot of my time working in and around Birmingham, Manchester, London, Wolverhampton, Dudley & Walsall.

I have been designing websites since I was 14 years old, but as a professional freelance WordPress developer for over 7 years.

If you would like to discuss your project with me, then please do get in touch and we can go through it in a bit more detail. I like to work directly with my clients so I’m currently unavailable to work with agencies.

I work with great individuals, small-to-medium sized businesses, start-ups & charities. I aim to have a great relationship with all my clients where I can add value to their business by being dependable, honest and by doing the type of work that makes a difference. I will always recommend a solution I think will work best for your business.

I donate my services to local charities and non-profit organisations in and around the Midlands. I do this one day every month. Get in contact, if you feel you could benefit from this service. I also donate food and supplies to the local Animal Rescue Centres as well as equipment to the local Scout group.

I have a simplified design style, I believe design should work with content, not dominate it. The same can be said for how I build websites. I like to keep my website markup clean and optimised for search engines. I believe usability is an integral part of the design and development process and something I’m constantly striving to improve.

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WordPress Prices

All WordPress developer projects are individually assessed and tailored, below are my standard rates.
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Per Day
Project Prices
Please get in contact for a WordPress development quote.

WordPress Theme Development

I specialise in WordPress development for scalable, secure web sites and ecommerce solutions on the WordPress platform.

I can work on new projects, part-completed sites or existing solutions. From building online event booking platforms through to WordPress driven ecommerce sites, my process is adaptable to fit the needs of the project. My WordPress development experience has helped produce technical, scalable solutions to a range of complex, difficult projects.

All WordPress web sites go through rigorous testing processes, adhering to WordPress’ tests and standards.

Not everyone needs a custom theme built from scratch. It’s possible to take advantage of the wide range of free & premium WordPress themes available, and adapt them to suit your needs. Colours, fonts, layout and functionality can all be changed to match your branding and website goals.

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WordPress plugin Development

WordPress Plugins are one of the reasons why WordPress is the number one content management system (CMS). There are a huge number of excellent and also terrible plugins available for free. If your needs are not met by a current plugin, I can build one for you which will allow you to add further functionality like ecommerce, event booking and 3rd party integrations to WordPress. My plugins are built using the latest best practices, making them portable, secure and robust.

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WordPress Support

WordPress Hacked?

This is a priority service that will clean and restore your WordPress website (backup and access details should be provided), making sure that hackers won't visit you again.

Fix WP Theme

Did your WordPress theme crash? I can fix and restore your WordPress theme according to your needs. I can also install your desired theme no matter how complex it looks.

Repair WP Plugin

Sometimes it’s better to invest time in things you know how to do best. At the same time, I can install and modify your WordPress plugins according to your needs.

WordPress Upgrade

Is your WordPress outdated and in need of an upgrade? I can upgrade your theme and plugins and make sure that are no compatibility issues.

Emergency WordPress Support

  • One-Off Support Incident
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if it can’t be fixed
  • I will take immediate measures to protect the reputation of your site
  • I will update you every step of the way
  • Based locally in my office in Bilston (Wolverhampton), UK
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WordPress Ecommerce

I go beyond writing code. I’m constantly creating business critical websites on time and on budget, providing training to all members of your organisation who need to update independently and maintain your website. Not only do I revolutionise the way your website looks and functions, but I’ll also enhance the way you do business online.

  • Build custom plugins with specific functionalities
  • Optimize the performance of your store
  • Troubleshoot recurring errors
  • Create unique promotions for your customers
  • Simplify and expedite your workflow
  • Increase your store’s visibility
  • Customize your checkout process
  • And much more!

WordPress Installation

My WordPress installation service gives you a simple, quick and secure way of getting WordPress setup without any hassle.

A basic WordPress installation can be completed the same day. It’ll depend on you providing the information promptly. The Advanced side can take more time and it will depend on your theme and your requirements get in contact for a quote.

Exclusive Order Online Only
WordPress Installation Services From £50


Prices from

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Please supply all account information in the additional information area during the checkout process, you will also have the option to upload files on the order completion page.

WordPress Migration

Moving hosts can be almost as daunting as moving your home. With so many pieces, it's easy to forget something. No need to worry though, my migration services are the best in the business. I make sure everything is fully reviewed, backed up, moved carefully, and double checked.

Host to Host

I can transfer your WordPress site to a new host or new domain name with minimal downtime.


CMS to WordPress

I can flawlessly move your data to WordPress. My agile workflow ensures your migration is handled with care. I provide training for a smooth transition.

Multisite Conversions

Want to combine your different WordPress sites into one easily maintainable multisite? How about pulling clusters of sites out? Let me help!


Is your large Multisite running slowly? Gain peak performance with my expertise in server resource monitoring and database caching tools.

WordPress Maintenance

For true peace of mind against hackers, viruses, malicious web scripts & human error.


To help recover the site in case your site is infected, hacked, accidently or purposely deleted.

  • What I will do:
  • Take daily backups of your site and database
  • Monitor your site daily for suspicious behaviour


To give you peace of mind if anything goes wrong with the website.

  • This will cover:
  • Website problems
  • Email problems
  • Email setup and configuration


To help with website additions and amendments.

  • This will cover:
  • Content amendments and additions
  • Image replacement
  • Minor design and development changes
  • Website security updates
  • Plugin updates

WordPress Training

I’ll show you everything you need to know about WordPress and set up to all the most useful features and tools within the CMS (Content Management System). You’ll learn how to use your existing WordPress website and will be working on it throughout the day. You will learn how to add new pages, posts, make the site search engine friendly and add all of the features and functionality you need to further develop and run the site yourself.

Training can be flexible to suit your needs, whether that be a day or half day, where we build your site together, work on an existing site or even a client’s site. You will be able to take control of any WordPress website, which you can easily make changes to without having to rely on your website developer. My WordPress training courses can be delivered 1-2-1, in a group or virtually via Skype. I can deliver the course in house at your office, home or at a local meeting space with an internet connection.

WordPress Hosting

Your WordPress site needs a safe reliable home

Without hosting, no one can see your website. To get your website online and to keep it online you can simply let me manage it for you.

WordPress hosting is always undervalued and over looked, why build an exceptional website then stick it on a server that’s down every other day or runs slowly at peak times, this will lose you customers.

Without a solid base for your website, it will be unreliable, slow and sometimes inaccessible.

After years of struggling with terrible hosting providers I have created my own network to host sites on.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • DDoS attack protection
  • Management interface
  • High performance
  • Excellent support
  • Scalable resources
  • Backups
  • Secure
  • CloudLinux Hosting
    cPanel Hosting
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