Hi I'm Tim a Freelance Web Designer

I work best with individuals, small-to-medium sized businesses and start-ups.

I aim to have a great relationship with all my clients where I can add value to their business by being dependable, honest and by doing the type of work that makes a difference.

I'm based in Wolverhampton (West Midlands) and work across the entire UK.

I come highly recommended

Interested in working together?

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Timothy Oxendale Web Designer

Web Design

I've been creating adaptable professional websites for over 14 years

They are built to last, easy to manage & secure

Most websites work. I make them work harder.

I stay on top of industry best practices with respect to HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery and PHP. Developing all my sites in a standardised way, ensuring they are the best, are adaptable and made using the most up to date techniques.

In doing so my sites are future proofed and can easily adapt to changes. When your business grows, the website can too.

Based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands I can offer face to face meetings. I provide a more personal approach, a close web designer client relationship and understanding service, while giving you the best possible results.

Let's make something amazing together!


DTL Creative Built with WordPress
EmailWizz Built with WordPress
Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council Built with WordPress
VeloxServ Built with WordPress
Kiwi Video Built with WordPress
Hope – Landing Page Built with WordPress

Tim is the best wordpress expert we have come across

Not only did he quickly identify a fix, he gave us more flexibility than we thought possible. Highly recommended

I only wish we'd found Tim ages ago :)

I highly recommend Tim as his service ticks all the boxes!

Tim is very reliable. He explains technical details in the way that our team understands and always finds the best solution to the problem.

Everyone needs a Tim! He's my go-to for all WordPress queries and his approachable manner makes him a pleasure to work with.

He just 'gets it' and is always happy to help regardless of the size of job.

Websites for any Budget

A website that you’re in control of, with local support you can rely on

Premium Websites

An individual, unique and masterfully designed website to mirror your business.

Premium Websites

Great for professionals or businesses who want a premium site with a unique bespoke look, giving all the premium services to make the website perfect.

Premium Ecommerce Websites

Beautiful bespoke look and feel built perfectly around your specific products, giving those products the best online windows to be viewed from.

Premium Bespoke Website Builds

Perfectly built from the ground up to suit your specific needs, can be made to be as unique as you could dream of.

Mid-range Websites

Hybrid website built with a template with added premium features

Budget and premium features combined, start with a budget friendly template and add some premium changes. Giving you a flexible and rewarding site.

Adjustable SEO and maintenance options, with more flexibility to make the site tailored for you.

Budget Websites

Budget friendly premade templates to get you up and running fast

Budget Starter Websites

Great for individuals or small business with a small budget, for a simple online presence.

Budget Ecommerce Websites

Ideal for people promoting their products on other sites like Facebook/eBay or similar.

Smart sites with basic features that will do the job. Having limited after support and just a pinch of SEO but are easy on the bank balance.

You take the reins

If you're just looking for me to support you in the complicated aspects of your website, then of course, I can collaborate with you and take over the intricate or more difficult tasks and then leave the rest up to you.

All the sites I build are pushed to my test servers and you have access to view the progress at any time.

Building for Accessibility

Making Websites Accessible to All

I follow accessibility best practices. Ensuring that websites I build are inclusive and cater for everyone, increasing your customer base and is beneficial to everybody.

Having a highly accessible website also helps with SEO, making it easier for search engines to read the website.

In the UK alone there are almost 2 million people living with vision issues*

*taken from the NHS website

After Support Computer

Responsive Web Design

Scalable websites built for the modern web

Lots of people still use desktop computers with large monitors, however the majority of people use mobiles day to day to browse the internet and tablets are very popular as well. Having a website that works equally as well on all platforms could make the difference between that customer choosing your services or going elsewhere.

All the sites I build, whatever the design will respond to all devices.

I make sure your site looks great on any sized screen, effectively creating one website for all; desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobiles and all those in between.

Ecommerce Web Design

Built to last, easy to manage, fast & secure

My Ecommerce solutions influence and engage your customers.

I know what makes people tick when buying online. Understanding how to impact your visitors and convert them to customers is the key goal.

Built to Last

Fast & Secure

Easy to Manage

Responsive Design

Clean Code


Excellent After Support

Once your new website is live I don't abandon you!

If you require any alterations to your site or fancy a few changes, I provide local support you can rely on.

I can upgrade the CMS (content management system) your site uses on a regular basis or as just a one off.

If any security concerns pop up, then I can tackle these for you.

I will be there to provide you with backups (if you're also hosting your website with me) should there be a problem then I can restore your site for you.

After Support Computer

Support if any links break or if you would like to update any sections, images or text for example.

I would say 80% of my business comes from repeat customers and referrals due to my outstanding customer service. All of my websites come with a technical guarantee and I offer full training and support if required.

I build long lasting partnerships by exceeding your expectations. I can become your websites best friend, ensuring it will consistently work well for you.

Working with me

A close personal working relationship and more understanding service

Tim Oxendale Presenting Arm Working With Tim's Solutions
Working With Tim's Solutions


I believe freelancing is more of a lifestyle than a job and I'm in it for the long run (over 14 years being a freelance WordPress developer). I do try to stick to normal office hours, however I am flexible, you'll find that if you email me Friday afternoon with a list of amendments, chances are they will be done and ready for your return to work on Monday morning.

Quick turn-around

I have a quicker start and faster turn-around time, as I usually only work on a couple of projects at any one time. This means you will be a priority, whatever your website size or complexity.

Personal service

Any enquiries, questions and uncertainties you may have are all answered by me, not a salesperson or account manager. However if I am with another client, I do have a lovely person who answers my phone to take a message. These get sent directly to me, straight away, wherever I am. A close designer-client relationship means that I have a much better understanding of your goals and requirements, producing fewer errors and invariably a better end result.


I have experience with lots of different kinds of business and knowledge spanning a wide variety of industries. Whether you are a blogger, an airline, or in a field I am yet to come across, I am able to use my experience, learning from you, to achieve the best outcome for you.

Value for money

I work hard, have lower running costs and overheads than a WordPress agency, this gets passed on, you receive much better value for money.


I listen to your requirements, so I can deliver what's is right for you. I like to work one on one and collaborate during every stage, using open communication and feedback, to build your perfect website.


I have been a freelance WordPress developer & Web designer for the majority of my working life, I quickly learned that the phrase ‘time is money’ is often true. I work quickly and efficiently, managing my time effectively to ensure that I can produce the best work for you, within your timescale.

One of my clients wrote a review that summed all of this perfectly
"Everyone needs a Tim!"

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What my clients are saying about Tim's Solutions

5 star rating
3 months ago on google review

Tim's Solutions (branding looks like Tim'Solutions) is a godsend for small business owners (in our experience). I don't have staff to help with the company website, but Tim provides prompt, clear and helpful support for our website - he created it, updates it and recently migrated it to a new host, none of which I could have done without stress and inefficiency. He also recently was able to diagnose and provide a clear solution to an email problem that had been undiagnosed for weeks. Very grateful!

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5 star rating
5 months ago on google review

I was very cautious about finding a web developer when my business outgrew my capabilities to manage the website myself. I diligently researched several so-called 'experts' and none of them were prepared to help, until I found Tim. Within just a couple of weeks of making contact, Tim had resolved all of my problems. I'm very pleased to have found someone this knowledgeable that I can trust.

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5 star rating
9 months ago on google review

Tim is an absolute find! He has saved us hours of stress and expense! Anything we ask he sorts so quickly and without any fuss or hassle. He knows his stuff and just makes everything so easy. We just don't have to think about it! It's so refreshing to find someone who is a true expert in his field. We are so grateful for you Tim! Thank you!

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5 star rating
12 months ago on google review

Tim's work is outstanding. Whether you want a website built from scratch or an existing site maintained, he is the man for the job. Tim is a true professional and comes highly recommended.

5 star rating
1 year ago on google review

Working with the WordPress developer in London was a great experience! Tim’s knowledge of WordPress was impressive - they found creative solutions for all the tasks we asked them to do. Communication was speedy, professional and friendly - and any changes we asked for were quickly accommodated. We are very happy with the end result, and would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable WordPress developer in London. PS Tim doesn’t live in London but he travelled down and his office space he uses her wasn’t to far from us.

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5 star rating
1 year ago on google review

We recently needed some emergency support and contacted Tim. He responded quickly and accurately to all of our questions, helping us solve the issue in no time.

Website Hosting

Your website needs a safe reliable home.

Without hosting, no one can see your website. To get your website online and to keep it online you can simply let me manage it for you.

Website hosting is always undervalued and over looked, why build an exceptional website then stick it on a server that's down every other day or runs slowly at peak times, this will lose you customers.

Without a solid base for your website, it will be unreliable, slow and sometimes inaccessible.

After years of struggling with terrible hosting providers I have created my own network to host sites on.

I have a range of robust servers built with CloudLinux, cPanel & Imunify360 which give you all the bells and whistles and security features of any excellent hosting package, with a control panel.

I also do ultra-optimised dedicated WordPress hosting, the server has one job and that one job is serving your WordPress site as fast as it can, no bloat, no extras, just blazing speeds using Redis & Nginx.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • DDoS attack protection
  • Management interface
  • Daily Backups
  • High performance
  • Excellent support
  • Scalable resources
  • Secure

I can also setup, manage & maintain dedicated/virtual servers.