Search Engine Optimisation

I can deliver desktop and mobile SEO campaign your business needs to thrive on today’s internet.

I bring innovative research, reporting and SEO resources to the table, ultimately giving you a better return for the money you spend on marketing. No matter what size of a campaign you need, I guarantee a custom tailored solution which truly fist your business and its needs.

Full Service SEO

Algorithm monitoring in real-time

Full Analysis of your market and the competition

Effective keyword optimisation

Powerful backlinking

SEO for mobile devices and social media

SEO-oriented planning and copy writing

Ecommerce-specific SEO

International and multi-lingual SEO

Server and Domain optimisation

There are no easy shortcuts. To get to the top of the search results today, you need to use the best SEO practices, and use them expertly. However, the algorithms Google and other search engines use to determine the ‘best’ sites change almost daily. Social media interactions and real buzz among your followers is more important to search ranking than ever, and this simply cannot be faked (or even bought). Successful SEO today demands a disciplined, multi-faceted strategy based on a deep understanding of this ever-changing field. Luckily, I can provide exactly that.

On-page SEO, The Base for Success

The first step in any truly effective SEO strategy is continuous on-page optimisation efforts. I will ensure that your content is always effective both to the reader and for SEO purposes, on the technical and creative levels. I can work on this with your developers or I can work on your site directly, depending on your needs.

Linking for Relevance and Credibility

Whilst links have not been the be all and end all of SEO for some time, they remain a tremendously important indicator of the credibility and relevance of a site, and thereby how important it is to the searcher. Blogs, business directories and the links on your own page all contribute to your search rankings and the visibility of your brand. I can help you manage your brand through effective linking and positioning on external pages, and demonstrating to the search engines that your content is important, and what the searcher actually wants to find.

Integrated SEO and Social Media Strategy

You cannot afford to ignore the social media sphere in your SEO campaign! Not only does your social presence influence your SEO success directly, it brings in as many (or more) visitors to your site than actual search engine results as well. More importantly, social media presence – and the real human commentary it generates – sways visitors much more effectively than most ad content. It is absolutely vital that you integrate your social media and SEO strategy.