Online Marketing

A truly balanced long-term approach with short-term results

Everyone wants a successful web presence
I can plan and implement a range of innovative digital marketing strategies to help drive more traffic to your site.

The perfect combination of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) - PPC you pay for what you get and SEO is more of an investment. Combining them both creates a well-balanced marketing plan.

I'll start by setting up the PPC campaigns that will deliver instant results. While your getting results through the PPC campaigns I’ll carry out the SEO work. When the SEO work starts to kick in and your organic search results start bringing in results, I will ease back on the PPC spending with the end result being the organic results bring in all the results.

PPC for the short term

  • You pay per click
  • Can be started instantly

SEO for the long term

  • Clicks cost nothing
  • Takes a while to see results

Example Campaign

Stage 1

Using 100% of the budget

At the start of the campaign we split the budget between PPC and SEO. PPC delivers instant results and the SEO gets started.

Stage 2

Using 80% of the original budget

Stage two is when the SEO starts to kick in and you start to get organic traffic through the search engines, the PPC budget is scaled back but you should still be getting the same level of results.

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Stage 3

Using 50% of the original budget

Sage 3, the SEO is bringing in nearly all the traffic and PPC is weaned off completely.

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Stage 4

Using 20% of the original budget

Then the final stage is lowering the SEO budget to a position able to maintain your ranking.

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