I have been environmentally conscious from quite a young age so it was only right that my business would be setup in a way to better the world.

Carbon Positive for over 10 years

I have been calculating the carbon emissions produced as a result of my servers, computers, transport and a few other bits. I then go further than just offsetting these emissions by planting more trees in the West Midlands than my carbon footprint. As the trees I plant are young, and will absorb much more carbon as they grow, I ensure the long term goal of being carbon positive.

Renewable Energy

My home and office has been using 100% renewable electricity which is comprised mainly of wind and solar power as well as green gas* for over 4 years.

My standard hosting servers are spread across a few datacentres which have varying renewable energy usage from 80% to 100% being renewable, with a commitment by the company to be fully 100% renewable by 2025.

* For transparency the green gas is biomethane that comes from farm, food and landfill waste

Plant Powered

With animal agriculture being the leading cause of deforestation, water consumption and pollution it was only right I adopted a vegan lifestyle.

I'm a 100% plant powered WordPress developer!

Growing more of our own food

My family and I have had an allotment for a few years with the aim to becoming more self-sufficient by growing more of our own fruit and veg. All our green waste is now being composted and reused, and we are repurposing more items to use on the allotment while teaching my daughter about the importance and effort needed to produce food.

Nearly Zero Waste

We are also reducing our single use plastics by using the containers again by refilling as much as we can at zero waste shops and choosing more plastic/waste free options, as well as making more ethical shopping choices.

We haven't bought any washing up liquid in a new bottle for a good couple of years!

Planting Trees Across the World

I also support projects that are planting trees across the world in biodiversity hotspots and the poorest agricultural regions of our planet, this works out to be about 1000 trees a year.

So working with estimates, a tree should consume about 25kg of CO2 a year, so every year I'm increasing the ability to capture another 25 tones of CO2.

Sustainable Forests

I use very little paper, but any paper or media I do use have been recycled or come from well managed sustainable forests with FSC or PEFC certifications.

Making a Difference

I donate my services to local charities and non-profit organisations, I do this one day every month.
If you feel you could benefit from this or know someone that would please get in contact.

I'm currently looking to fill the spaces from July 2022 onwards.

Giving Extra Back

I am a volunteer director at Gatis Community Space in Wolverhampton
(Acts of random caring community interest company).

Where our aim is to provide a safe and inclusive centre that puts community at the heart of its diverse projects.

Empowering people to be better versions of themselves.

Enabling change to a sustainable future.

Worked with Students on the Cambridge Technicals ICT Course, Giving a Workshop on Web Design.
Donated 30 Camping Hammocks to 1st Bilston Scouts