Premium WordPress Support

What is Premium WordPress Support?

WordPress is the most famous content management and blog publishing application in today’s world. It started back in 2003 as a blog engine but now it has become a fully customisable website creation tool. It is used by millions of people throughout the world. It can be installed anywhere as a backbone for an entire website.

WordPress helps in creating websites with ease, where all you have to do is click the right options. With WordPress, you are just one click away from achieving your goal. WordPress offers free website themes but the options involved in those are restricted. So in order to get a better experience and make your site more appealing, you have to go premium. Now some of you won’t consider it a good option as mostly we have trust issues when it comes to money.

I offer a WordPress Premium Support service which includes repairs, optimisation, and administrative facilities. It also has solutions for all the issues arising out of WordPress. My WordPress premium support plans are fully tailored to you and can be from 15min a month to a one-off weeks worth of work.

I can create a fixed monthly package to help you budget month to month or I can work as and when needed, generally on small tasks I can get them done on the same or next day.

Be wary of other WordPress support services that offer unlimited fixes and alterations for a fixed low price (usually in dollars), they go for a quick fix’s and it likely to create more problems for yourself later down the line.

Some of the things I can do:

  • Fix Bugs
  • Security
  • Bounce Rate Reduction
  • Increasing the Probability of Site Traffic and Speed
  • Assistance in Plugins and Themes.
  • Safe Platform and Plugin Updates
  • Server and Uptime Monitoring
  • Code Versioning
  • Error Log Monitoring and Analysis
  • Content and Layout Updates
  • Speed and Security Reviews
  • New Landing Pages and Technical Features
  • UX and Conversion Rate Evaluation
  • Staging Development Environment (Demo server)
  • Speed and Security Optimisations
  • Automated Functional Tests for new features
  • Theme maintenance: Maintaining your theme sounds tricky? Let me do it for you.
  • WordPress plugins? Installing plug-ins seems a cumbersome task. I am here for you.
  • Database management: Permalinks, MySQL optimisation and fixing connection strings, these difficult names are even more difficult to perform. I will sort it all for you.
  • Administrative updates: For example, optimising your images and setting up redirects, might not seem that interesting to you. Don’t worry I will save your day and get it all done for you.

Why should you go for premium WordPress support?

Running a website is not easy. It requires a lot of knowledge and skill. You might come across various challenges, and most of the time you won’t be able to solve those challenges yourself or you will spend to much of your valubale time doing it. My WordPress premium support gives you a WordPress expert in the UK (I work form my home in Wolverhampton) thats always about to listen to your issues and gives you a positive resolution.

Are you ready to put all your troubles aside and enjoy the benefits of having a decent wordpress support package in place?  You can certainly do that with me. It will put an end to all your problems. In return, you can sleep easy and save time knowing your WordPress site is in safe hands.

Find out more about my premium WordPress support or if you’re looking for emergency wordpress support.

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