Optimising Your Google My Business Profile

If you are new to local SEO and trying to expand your customer base as a local business, Google My Business is a great place to start. Google My Business allows customers to search Google for products or services in their area. In this way, your business will have the chance to provide more sales and services to local customers, and the best part is, it’s completely free for business owners to use.

Google My Business Profile

Below are three things you can do to optimize your Google My Business profile to the max and raise your local customer base like never before.

1) Completely Fill Out Your Profile

The best thing you can do on Google My Business is to fill out your profile with as much information as possible. This includes times and days you are open, updated phone number, website, and physical address of your business. If you offer free Wi-Fi or any other services that are positives for your customers, mention those as well. Update this information regularly and make sure it’s as accurate as possible.

2) Add Photos and Video

It’s no surprise that pictures grab the attention of potential customers. With the amount of information on the internet, a good photo can still captivate an audience. If you really want to bring in customers, add photos. They need to be clear, well lit, and preferably show your business name.

Google My Business also gives you the opportunity to add a short thirty-second video about your company. Use this as a chance to introduce yourself and what your business is all about. Customers who choose to shop local want to buy from real people, so just relax and be yourself!

3) Utilize the Question and Answers

Many customers have questions before they decide to make the drive to buy a product or service. Google My Business gives customers the chance to do this through their platform.  Try to answer potential customers questions regularly. Not only will you get to understand your customer base better, but you’ll also let them know that you care enough to answer their questions and that says a lot.

If used correctly, Google My Business can help you gain a local, consistent customer base. Make an account or go update your existing account today!

Published: 24/07/2019

Last modified: 03/11/2021

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