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Make Marketing Easy and Increase Sales with Mobile Friendly Website

With advancing technology, almost every individual owns a mobile phone. In this case, a mobile website is good for the benefit of everyone. Regardless of whether a person owns a computer, they will use their mobile devices regularly. Therefore, utilising mobile friendly websites is a feature you cannot afford to ignore. Many advantages come with mobile responsive sites some of which include;

Increased sales

Currently, desktops do not fly off the shelves like they used to some years back. Mobile devices are selling well, and it is very clear that in the next generation, people may not use the traditional desktops. For this reason, a well-designed mobile responsive website will increase the sales as many customers can get access by just clicking on the link. The sites are easy to use and can be read on small screens hence no room for clutter. They can quickly access the information they need which will help them to make a sound decision and this will help a business have a big line up of customers coming their way. Every customer who runs into a non-mobile website will quickly leave it and search for a mobile optimised one, and this can make an enterprise lose customers.

Minimum load time

If I have two websites one with a mobile and the other one desktop, and a company shares an email or a link to a desktop URL, and a customer hits the link on a mobile device, it is likely that the recipient will experience bad user due to slow loading. They may even end up as a bounced visitor if the network was weak and was not patient enough to wait. In such a case, a potential customer is lost. Mobile optimised websites load faster, and the content is visually attractive compared to cluttered content on a small screen.

Google ranks mobile websites higher

For product marketing, it is advantageous if they are seen online. Google has made it easier for customers to find a mobile website using any mobile search tools more than the desktops and laptops. If a business does not have a mobile friendly website, it does not show up on the search tools as much as those that are mobile optimised which makes them invisible to customers. This is a large business loss.

Advantage over competitors

Most business starters do not have a mobile website, and neither do they plan to get it soon. For small businesses, the competitive benefit of having a mobile friendly website is high. A small business that gets a mobile site before the rest can easily beat them in the competitive market since potential customers will always see their products due to the help of SEO ranking. As I mentioned earlier, customers are very impatient with non-mobile responsive websites as they use their mobile devices, hence if a business does not have the mobile site, it’s hard to make it into successful marketing. Many companies are waking up and realising what they have been missing, and I am happy to help them realise the potential of covering the broad market by allowing every device to access their features.

Improves relationship with customers

With the technology advancement and the digital life, social media, tablets, and smartphones have completely changed the nature of marketing. Clients expect to have better relationships with the business owners, and online marketing has made it easy for them. A mobile website makes it better since the business owner can be available anytime and anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection and clients get answers to any questions about the products before buying them even when using their mobile devices. A customer does not have to make a purchase hours later because they had to wait, say to get home or office to use their PC for the transaction, as they can easily get it using their mobile devices.


QR codes are accessible on Smartphones

It is another advantage of having a mobile website since the print, and mobile marketing strategies can be merged. This makes it simpler for customers and prospects to connect with the business.

As a skilled website designer, all my websites are built to be mobile friendly, and you will be amazed by just how much the marketing will become accessible, and sales will be boosted.


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