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I offer a close designer-client relationship and an understanding service for individuals, small-to-medium sized businesses and start-ups.

I'm based in Wolverhampton (West Midlands) and work across the entire UK.

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Freelance Web Designer & Developer

About Me

Timothy Oxendales website Design

Timothy Oxendale

Freelance Web Designer & Developer

I have been designing websites since I was 14 years old, but as a professional freelance web designer for over 10 years.

I donate my services to local charities and non-profit organisations in and around the Midlands. I do this one day every month. Get in contact, if you feel you could benefit from this service. I also donate food and supplies to the local Animal Rescue Centres as well as equipment to the local Scout group.

I have a simplified design style, I believe design should work with content, not dominate it. The same can be said for how I build websites. I like to keep my website markup clean and optimised for search engines. I believe usability is an integral part of the design and development process and something I’m constantly striving to improve.

Timothy Oxendales Skills

Just so you know a little bit about me, my name is Timothy Oxendale (Tim), I am 31 years old and I was born and raised in Blackburn (Lancashire). I moved from Blackburn down to Birmingham over 12 years ago to go to university and I am now living around the corner in Bilston (Wolverhampton) with my wife, daughter, two dogs and cats.

Benefits of Working with a freelancer like me

A close personal working relationship and more understanding service

Working With Tim's Solutions

I believe freelancing is more of a lifestyle than a job and I’m in it for the long run. I do try to stick to my office hours 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, however I am flexible, you’ll find that if you email me Friday afternoon with a list of amendments, chances are they will be done and ready for your return to work on Monday morning.

I have a quicker start and fast turn-around time, as I usually only work on a couple of projects at any one time. This means you will be a priority, whatever your website size or complexity.

Any enquiries, questions and uncertainties you may have are all answered by me, not a salesperson or account manager. However if I am with another client, I do have a lovely person who answers my phone to take a message. These get sent directly to me, straight away, wherever I am. A close designer-client relationship means that I have a much better understanding of your goals and requirements, producing fewer errors and invariably a better end result.

I have experience with lots of different kinds of business and knowledge spanning a wide variety of industries. Whether you are a blogger, an airline, or in a field I am yet to come across, I am able to use my experience, learning from you, to achieve the best outcome for you.

I work hard, have lower running costs and overheads than an agency, this gets passed on, you receive much better value for money.

I listen to your requirements, so I can deliver what’s is right for you. I like to work one on one and collaborate during every stage, using open communication and feedback, to build your perfect website.

I have been a freelance web designer & developer for the majority of my working life, I quickly learned that the phrase ‘time is money’ is often true. I work quickly and efficiently, managing my time effectively to ensure that I can produce the best work for you, within your timescale.

One of my clients wrote a review that summed all of this perfectly
"Everyone needs a Tim!"


Tim did a great job, that 3 other professionals couldn't seem to do properly. No fuss just got it done in good time and I was happy to pay his prices.

1 day ago ongoogle review

After a terrible experience working with another web designer, Tim put in 100% effort to make the relevant changes to my website - it is now actually functional! He was very responsive to my requests and completed the tasks in good time. Very highly recommended. Thanks Tim!!

2 months ago ongoogle review

Highly recommend Tim's Solutions!

Would highly recommend Tim and his services. He's professional, approachable and certainly knows his stuff! He always goes above and beyond to help and takes away all website frustrations. Thanks, Tim!

6 months ago ontrustpilot review

I hired Tim's Solutions to build a website for my business. I now have a great website! I wanted to work with someone local, not a remote developer company cramming me into a template. Tim works with a lot of local small businesses. I felt that he was willing to take the time to understand and address the issues that I thought were key to my business and website. He gave me great options and worked with me to get the look right.

7 months ago ontrustpilot review

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Excellent and efficient service from Tim's Solutions. Fast, honest and dependable. Highly recommended.

9 months ago ongoogle review

Making a Difference

I have donated over 462 * hours,

with a value of £18,480 *

I donate my services to local charities and non-profit organisations, I do this one day every month.
If you feel you could benefit from this or know someone that would please get in contact.

I'm currently looking to fill the spaces from April 2021 onwards.

* Estimated, 7 hours a month with my standard hourly rate

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Giving Extra Back

Wolverhampton Grammar School
Worked with Students on the Cambridge Technicals ICT Course, Giving a Workshop on Web Design.
Donated 30 Camping Hammocks to 1st Bilston Scouts


Carbon Positive for over 8 years

I carefully calculate the carbon emissions produced as a result of my servers, computers, transport and a few other bits. I then offset these emissions by planting trees in the West Midlands. As the trees I plant are young, and will absorb much more carbon as they grow, I ensure the long term goal of being carbon positive.

My home/office is using 100% renewable electricity and green gas.

All my paper and media come from well managed sustainable forests with FSC or PEFC certifications.

More recently me and my family have taken on an allotment with the aim to becoming more self-sufficient by growing more of our own fruit and veg. All our green and organic waste is now being composted and reused, and we are repurposing more items to use on the allotment while teaching my daughter about the importance and effort needed to produce food.

Enjoying her first fresh picked peas